Friday, November 25, 2011

Casual Wednesday

 Totally random but I love this sweater so much I had post about it. So interesting story...I got/borrowed this sweater that will never be returned from my guy friend after leaving the club during my birthday weekend and have yet been able to part with it! Its so comfy I wear it to work all the time and no matter what I wear it compliments it (Gets compliments as well)! My favorite things about it are the fit (which for a guy's sweater, is really nice!) and the patches on the elbow (I call it peasant sheik lol) but either way it adds a little something to whatever I wear it with...

 On my way to work to set pre Turkey Day sales... My take on "Dressed down Dress up"

Minor accessories... Decided to layer the neckwear, something Ive been getting into more lately

The patchwork I love so dearly!

 Just a peek of the foundation... Belt is vintage and paired with my favorite fall shoes


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