Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cheap Thrills...

Ok finally had some time to sit down and do this! Recently I got a few days off from work so I took some time to trek it on back to the hometown Disgusta Augusta, Ga... Home of... well besides me, not much lol  But I did get to partake in one of my FAVORITE things Thrifting! I found some great things and even got my Bestie in on the action (If you know her then you understand why this is major). Snapped a few pics of us fooling around in the store and on our way out that night...

The Bestie clownin
My Buggy runnith over!

Nothing Vintage but still cute...lls
Bought the jacket earlier... LOVE it!
I wanted to mix in something feminine and flashy to dress up a super casual look and what's more flashy than sequins? 


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