Monday, November 28, 2011

In the Spirit!

Since I finally got some well deserved time off,  I had the pleasure of relaxing and catching up on some sleep! I also got to put up my Christmas tree!!! After having to spend this Thanksgiving without my family I was feeling like a little bit of  a Scrooge but after turning on my Motown Christmas tunes ( My Grandpa made the mix) and adorning my tree in Red and Black it got me right in the Spirit! Luckily my family will be spending this upcoming X-Mas here on the island with me and Im soo excited! Everyday I'm unable to be with them reminds me of how much I need and miss them! And that time is something I'll never take for granted again! Anyway enough of the sap and on to the pics! Up first is my new fave ornament from the bestie! By now you should all know why! 

My Sweet little tree! So cute and petite (like me lol) I choose to honor my Dawgs for my first adult tree! Future SEC Champs! (fingers crossed!)

Here's a few snaps of my rainy day gear (the red and black is product of my subconscious) ... Spent this rainy Monday enjoying my fave past time... Thrifting! (of Will have another post on the goods later! 


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