Thursday, November 3, 2011

Right on Target...

So today I decided to spend my last day off for the week doing one of my favorite pass times.... shopping And the place I'm sure to frequent is Target... It has everything music ( I went to pick up Wale's new album), movies, clothes, etc. etc.( not to mention great hot-dogs)  but Im sure you all know this...  It really helps me clear my mind even if I don't buy anything except a Anyway snapped a few shots of my "out- and about-fit" Ive been dying to wear this hat since I bought it for two buck$ at UrbanOutfitters and since it was warmer than usual and the hair is a little rough I thought why not today....

Found the D&B on the last thrifting adventure at home and found the shoes in my car while cleaning it out today... Glad I found


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