Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rodeo Show

Ok so Im SUPER late (which by now it should be obvious that this is a slight character flaw of mine) but in preparation for the the upcoming holiday season, work has been a BEAST! But the weekend before last was the kick off to yet another ultimate Birthday Celebration Jordan Edition aka 23! Anyway in honor of it I decided to break in my new cowboy boots (and by new I mean authentic and used) as well as my shirt and earrings of the same category.My favorite thing about this ensemble is it is 100% ME which a lot of times is muted for my daily life...But when I can show it, obviously I do just that.

This jacket was a subtle touch and a great buy (I got it from work for about $10! One of few perks)

 Found these on my last thrifting adventure home...The authenticity, design, and price drew me in...

Earrings added the perfect touch/obscene amount of over kill( But If I didn't, wear them I wouldn't be me) Got them from my good friend's Graney (I knew one day they'd come in handy)

And the tassels on the shirt are a nice touch! (Check out the back on the top photo) Got so many stares  while

And here's my have unofficial Photographer that I never get to see! Glad she made it...


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