Thursday, December 22, 2011

Following the lead

Last week I spent the better part of it traveling back and forth to Savannah for work. I love getting in other stores just to interact with other people, absorb whatever knowledge I can, interact with my regional VP (he's a a lot of fun) and blah blah etc. But the best part of this trip was I got to hang with the coolest people in the company, the visuals! They're artsy, outspoken, creative, and crazy and I love them! At work they're  the only ones I can seem to relate to but visuals don't make enough money so... Anyway on the rides there and back I got to spill my lonely guts to my lead visual, a total multi dimensional renaissance Rapunzal hippie chick, and we have way more in common than I ever thought. Long story short, she invited me to her Salsa class ( she teaches this among numerous other dance and fitness classes) and I had a blast! I don't get out much being that I live in a retirement community (and there were a lot of old fogies there) but this was the best thing I could have done! 

Not only did I learn how to move my hips to a latin beat, I discovered that sometimes you gotta let go, step out of your element, and follow (for those who don't know, your partner must lead) Whether in life, love, or especially in our faith, things can go much more smoothly when we fall back let someone else be your guide (no matter how hard it seems, and it can be tough!) We can always go a little further with help than we can alone... Don't believe me? Try leaving your I phone or other smart device at home and see how well you function... Anyway, heres the pics...

Favorite new belt... $5 find

 Shoe choice not the best for dancing but great with this outfit 

Usually don't wear too much makeup but since it was a special



  1. Love the vintage feel of this outfit!

  2. Thanks for the feedback... Its actually a thrifted dress that I shortened and put a hem in...

  3. I love this belt and ive actually been looking for a gold one with no luck :(

  4. Thanks! And I know how that can be Its a love/hate thing about thirsted goods! lol Thanks for checking out the blog!


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