Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Fun!

Well after two VERY uneventful days off, ( I spent two days locked in my apartment, per usual) I rounded off my Monday with a little bit of fun. One of the wonderful ladies from my department invited me to a holiday party at her second job, which by the way was a lot more eventful than I imagine Belk could EVER have... But I digress. Usually I ditch on these invites for no apparent reason  but this time I decided to partake, and Im very glad I did! The DJ was great, the drinks were flowing (there was an open bar), and  the food was... well it was free,but most importantly the company was well appreciated. Being around such a close knit crowd dancing, drinking, and being thankful for one another made me realize that I too have the chance to build such bonds which for me has been the hardest thing to accomplish while here (making friends). It also made me really miss my friends and fam, which thankfully I'll see soon! Well sorry for the sentimental moment but I have them! But here are the flicks...

I decided to keep it extra casual... I don't actually wear jeans as often as I used to... But added the red blazer for some festive flair!

My favorite new weaved bag! This is like my 3rd one but definitely the best (even though the chain snapped on one side) I love the gold accent and tassels that the others lack...

Opted for the leopard shoe... It always goes well with red.

Quick snap of me and the ladies! Carol (center) is an amazingly sweet lady! Plus she makes the most amazing Jamaican food I've ever tasted!!! (Im a huge fan of Caribbean food) 


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