Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lazy Day

Well the week has finally ended for me ( Saturday is the end of my work week) and with the late nights and early mornings, its obvious I'm running low on fuel... And by fuel I mean sleep! So for my last day in the "office" I kept it super casual... Wasn't sure how well it would work for work but honestly I didn't care lol Im soo over these holiday hours that I'm beyond caring. Hopefully I'll get it together sooner than later... Anyway enough bitching and moaning, here are the pics... Please excuse the extra wild hair! Like I said, its been a long week lol

This belt is one of my faves, only cost me about 2 quarters... The dress is French Connection via the thrift store $6! It transitions well from season to season...
I always forget I have this jacket but I pulled it out of back of the closet...

Ive had these boots for almost 5 years and they've held up well especially for $34... They're about the only pair of brown boots I own, which is an obvious problem! (I own an unnecessary amount of black shoes)


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