Sunday, December 25, 2011

This Christmas!!

This Christmas was truly an AMAZING one! Despite not being able to go home and see my entire family, my immediate family brought a little taste of home right here to me! This Christmas was the FIRST time we celebrated a holiday in my home and I hope we'll spend many more in my next few residences. Now that Im an "Adult" meaning I pay bills, live alone, and don't regularly ask my parents for money, Christmas has an entirely different experience from when it was all about new toys and trinkets. This year (since I'm not a broke and semi self absorbed teenager or college student. 6 months changes A LOT!) it was all about sharing God's love with your family and friends on the single most important day of the year.

The Grandparents and the girls!

Especially when my family, and I'm sure many others are experiencing this, is celebrating this day without many of those we care about (whether they've passed on, are serving our country, or just in another area). And as I see how much my family has changed in the short period of time that I've last seen them, its important to make the most of the memories. When its all over its all we have... Anyway, I hope all of you who are reading this has had a beautiful and blessed holiday! Here are a few flicks of me and mine! ( We had to use the Mac Book since no one had a camera! lol)

This was only the Christmas Eve meal!

Me, Ma, and Sissy!

Mom's Pride and joy!

 And had to have the spirits! lol My Ma loves Patron Margarita....


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