Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ABE=All Black Everything

Ok so yesterday was like the best worst day in the history of my life! I know this could be an unusual and slightly exaggerated concept to understand it is very much real... The more things fell apart, the more they actually came together and worked in my favor. Crazy I know, but that's how the Man Upstairs works most of the time. The storm is always before the calm ALWAYS so why would my life be any different? The storm not even worth an elaboration began the night before but the CALM came as soon as I got to work which is usually the place where problems begin lol  when I found out I get to return to my Alma Matter for the Bi-Annual career fair where I actually found this job as a company rep! And Ive been assigned to organize a fashion show for my store! Not major strifes but still something great for me to give a conscious effort and be creative... Exactly what I prayed for! Anyway, in anticipation for the storm and the calm, I certainly dressed the part pulling an ABE I've noticed that this has been a recurring look for me Im not sure why but it works!  Actually gave me a little strength yesterday...

My new BCBG boots from my day of retail therapy 
Quick Pic at work...


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