Friday, January 13, 2012

Big Business minus the Business Suit

Well as soon as we entered the clear from inventory, we were wiping our brows, and preparing to exhale huge sighs of relief.... Hold the Phone!! And enters all divisional personal for a long awaited and repeatedly canceled visit! Yipee!! So back to work for two more days of busting my hump, but strangely it was refreshing to feel useful! With my training period coming to a close, I'll soon be relocated and kicked from the nest on to greener pastures... Which raises all types of emotion and anxiety that I feel Im handling pretty well... Now my hair in these photos... Thats another story! But if you seen the places we've been and the things we've been thru and by we I mean the hair You'd most certainly understand! But at least I looked the part, or at least my version of it... I was like a wave of fun along with my fave visual girls who were dressed to the t amongst a sea of two pieces and pin stripes! And I loved every minute of it...Standing out never looked so good GREAT!

Exhausted! Can you tell?
Vintage Earrings from Graney... Well not MINE per say but
Vintage Seiko from MY Grand PaPa... It actually has to be wound! 
Repping the Alma Matter! (sorry about the glare on the watch but its been a long week)


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