Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Manic Monday

Happy Monday! Even tho it is Tuesday...lol since I usually write my posts at night to get them out for the next day, this is cause of the delay Mondays are usually a serious drag but today, was actually pretty good... I woke up with an amazing spirit over me for many reasons and I wanted it to show in what I wore, so I added a little pop! I love color so much, it makes it hard to choose a favorite. I love this shirt so much because I don't have to choose! I like to have my cake and eat it too..lol This is a direct reflection of whats happening in my life as well, Im starting to get everything I want! and who doesn't want that right? Even though I have to make some choices as we all do, I have faith that they'll be the right ones...
Old Navy Extra Wide Leg Pant $8.49 and Ralph Lauren Merino Wool cardigan $23.00
(Both Finds from Retail Therapy!)
My favorite shirt $4.00 Forever 21
Found this lovely necklace at a cute consignment shop called My Sister's Closet!
(May do a post about that later)
Vintage bulbs... Clip ons killed my ear tho
Working... Sort of...lol 


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