Monday, January 9, 2012

Mix and Match

In an effort to start the work week and the year off positively, I've decided to play with my in office wardrobe just a little. Everyday wear is pretty bland from my cohorts and so I've decided to push the envelope just a little to see how far I can go before hitting inappropriate.  I personally don't have a lot of "professional" wear and I'm having a hard time making these additions so, Ive decided to incorporate the pieces I own originally purchased for activities of the "leisure". The challenge will not only provide entertainment to the normally mundane, but it will let incorporate my normal casual fierceness with my undefined professional self... So here's the first attempt...

My favorite funky bracelets add a mix of color and compliment to one of my fave vintage sweaters... Love the color

I paired it with a black mini (usually worn for nights out on the town) and plain black tights (to tone down the sexy). I matched my python belt with python flats to contrast all the black... Comfy and cute...


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