Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year, Same ME!!!

Happy New Year Everyone! Hope you all are continuing to ring in the New Year right since this post is a few days late, but procrastination strangely is not on my fix it list... Well 2012 is here! and I know I've been blessed to live to tell about it! And I plan to take full advantage of the opportunity... I've never really been into making resolutions but I always set goals for myself and this year, is no different. Especially since I'm full on in my adult life, the overall goal for this year is to get closer to where I want to be instead of where I am now... I know that sounds very general and may not make sense but instead of going on and on bout it, I think I'll just save the deets for later as added motivation to get them done especially since one is posting more... Always more pressure when others are watching!  

Ok on to the fun stuff! I FINALLY got some time off and got to ring in the New Year in Atlanta! BUT due to unforseen circumstances that come in flavors like peach and red berry I didn't take any pics of the outfit! But no worries... I did a re-imagining of the night and besides the hair, its dead on! Even down to the smokey eye I tried for the big night courtesy of Laura at A Little Bit of Lacquer  I love her blog!  

This NYE I wanted to do something a little less traditional... So I went with the longer skirt with a reveal...

The entire cost outfit under $100 including shoes and accessories! Which is a personal best!

These babies were the most expensive piece... The have a lite sparkle on the platform but the camera does no justice to them!

Skirt is thrifted, bustier and coat (Top Photo) are clearance ! 

Earrings courtesy of my mom's friend! She designs all types and makes them custom for great prices...


  1. This look is very cary bradshaw but you wore it best honey"


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