Saturday, January 14, 2012

Retail Therapy

So after a long and gruesome work week, the only thing better and more relaxing than spending the day at home sleeping, is blowing a few hundred dollars just because you can! These moments are what make all the hours put in on the job all the more worth it! Expensive habit? Maybe for some, but for a budget friendly shopper like myself, not really... And its a whole lot cheaper and more effective at least for me than actual therapy at least I think it is... But the bargains I found!! I actually got some great things for me and for My Noux Rejekts Shop more to come on this soon!! But know merchandise will be available for sale as well as a great 1st project for my From What to Wear! Series probably the next post...maybe lol In the mean time, here's what I wore on my day off yesterday...Crazy thing that happened was I was mistaken for a celebrity on more than one occasion while shopping at the outlets. Why? I have no idea except for the fact that The island I live on and the surrounding town seem to be in an alternate universe. But it was both fun and flattering to say the least.

New Scenery!

Gotta rep JC! 

Wrist Wear 


  1. U are a celebrity cris! And i love the change of scenery here!


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