Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Taking Inventory

Literally, this is my life... With the arrival of fiscal year end at work, we are engaging in physical inventory which is far from exciting and very tedious, not to mention the horrible hours. Even though I'm less than thrilled about participating, I fully understand the importance of figuring out what you have and whats missing, especially in life, and decided to take a little inventory of my own. Beginning with my wardrobe! I have lots of things that I completely forgot I owned including this red dress worn as a jacket here and a host of other goodies not to mention I'm not thru yet. Since were working an unusual  schedule 5pm-2or 3 am it also gave a little room for expressive freedom of dress. The crazy late hours and super creepy quietness gave me time to inventory my life in a non-physical way and discovered that the things that are in tact, Im more than thankful for. But the things that are missing... well that has to be fixed. And trust, a plan is in effect.

I love, love, love my bangles! almost excessively 


  1. Yes cris,those Chinese bangles u got in nigbo certainly suit u well. They should definitely b passed down to generations of Ur family


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