Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Hangover... Is Over!

And I make my return! The last week or so has been like a high speed chase that appears to be coming to an end.... And then the culprit escapes capture only to ride on a little more! Yeah, this is my life! After moving to an island, months and months of training roughly 9 , and one serious binge of the holiday season,  the hangover had set in and anyone who has made aquaintances with the likes of Jose, Jack, or Don Julio knows how this feels But after nursing it for a looong month, the recovery is here! I was given my first dose on last Friday with a phone interview with my new store manager I was given the good news today that I was promoted! And even though she couldn't see me, I dressed the part anyway! And I worked it out! Yayy Me! I look at it as simply setting the tone for a new beginning... The next few weeks will be crazier than ever but I welcome the challenge... Will keep you guys posted!

Finally put my hair up per my Mother's request... She thinks its always wild loll
Glasses just for fun! Luckily my vision is actually good


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