Friday, March 30, 2012

Flips, Fun and DO(ugh)

My day off finally! was filled with adventure as I spent the day with some of my closest friends philandering  throughout the city enjoying the beautiful weather which apparently didn't last long since its now  The time spent with them is far and few but its starts back as if we never left each and every time. We had good food and good shopping! I even made it to my very first estate sale and Im hooked! Anyway, here the pics!

Milk Shakes @ Flip Burger Boutique... Yum! and yes those are captain crunch!
Me and the Girls!! LaSara all the way from Philly!
Saw this in a consignment store and I loved it! I think I want to make one for my guest room...
Me and Anna this blogs #1 Fan playing around at DO...
Me! and what I wore for the night! The pants, bag, and jewelry all vintage!


  1. I loooove this outfit, especially with the purple belt!


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