Monday, March 12, 2012

Guess Who's Back!!!

Finally! Three weeks is a long time! But so much has happened since then... To start, I moved to the A! well actually to Duluth but Atlanta's the closest reference point for those unfamiliar with the Started my new position, bought a new car, yada yada basically started a whole new life! It sucks Ive waited so long for this update that I have so much to say I can't put it all into words! So I guess a small photo montage will have to suffice...Nothing fancy just a few of my adventures thus far where photos actually exist... lol The Photo above is just me enjoying a beautiful Saturday the first one I've had off since i moved here and probably the last for a long time...  The skirt is from Belk the top, belt, and bag all vintage...

The View of my neighborhood from my balcony

Me and My Daddy and my new baby CoCo Chanel! The dealer took this photo... Hey Fred!! lol

My future wall art before....

The wall art after! Carpentry runs thru my veins... Thanks PaPa for the skills! (he's an amazing Carpenter)

Cute Vintage mart in College Park called Pure Studios! Got some great pieces there... If you're in the area, check it out! And say Hi to Erica! She's a sweetie! 
My friend Tee in her vintage find! from Pure Studios

Totally random chick at the restaurant where Tee's family had her celebratory dinner (she just got an amazing job at Coke!) It was the epitome of country and in the middle of nowhere but it was sooo good!


  1. Would it be possible to commission him for the wall art in black & white?

    1. Sorry he only gave me the skills to mount The art itself is from Gardenridge.. But I think it had a black and white version...


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