Sunday, March 18, 2012

Old Skool KICKin It

So while on a "pit stop" one you make very quickly and abruptly without planing to shopping trip, I saw these little red numbers and they were a must have! I haven't really worn sneakers besides to the gym probably since sophomore year... of High School! And after being approached by 19 year olds while in the mall, I instantly remembered But I really wanted to keep it comfy and funky on my day off. I even ended up in a few mature establishments later that night where I would never go dressed like this on purpose and got a few compliments from some very mature and fashionable ladies...One of the greatest things about fashion and how we dress is its ability to take us places we've been, where were going, where we are, but especially where we want to be...So even tho being 19 again wasn't as awesome as the first time around it sure felt good to revisit...
Two of my favorite things... 1. My I love Hong Kong tee (One of the best places Ive been) 2. Cargo camo's (I wear them ALL the time! Dressed up or down in any season even winter)
Converse Chuck Taylor Allstar's known affectionately in almost every hood as "Chucks" lol In classic red
One of my favorite people lol


  1. Ur so right...we all have those days where our dress takes us back to our younger selves. Chill days are def the days to do so.... And u did it in a fashionably brilliant way as usual. S/o to ur 2 favorite 2012 pieces! Lol


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