Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Recap!

Well another weekend has come and gone and sadly all I have left are the memories... But what great memories they were! We had a crazy night in Athens on Friday in honor of one of the Biggest Fans of this blog Anna K. seen in the center in red and a very good friend of mine! Saturday was all work and no play and Sunday was a little thrift store fun and dinner with one of my favorite N.O. gals! No pictures from dinner but it was a great time baay-by! Hey Pam I hope you're reading! Anyway, here's the pics!  Enjoy...

Anna's crew! Some old and new...
My loves! Up top and below...
This night got much wilder but the photos.... Well lets just say they didn't make the cut lol
Shayla and I looking very tribal...
Sneakerflow at work... It was KidFest!
Thrift store fun! But there's something terribly wrong with this
Sunday chillin


  1. Wait, was this jacket at the trift store? I am an AKA, lol! That is funny. I have seen some funny pics of men wearing shirts, but never found anything while thrifting! Wow!


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