Wednesday, May 23, 2012

April Shopping Brings May Flowers!

Ok when I first set eyes on this FABULOUS find of a Blazer I knew immediately we were meant to be! Dare I say... "Soul Mates" lol  I didn't quite imagine it would be such a sexy dress until I attempted to pair it with various bottoms  but nothing felt right  so alas I opted to go without. A little double sided tape to hide the unmentionables and "Viola'" Im ready to hit the streets! Everything on me is vintage except the shoes and maybe in total cost me all of $60! shoes included As I walked out the door for the night all I could think was "How can I top this?" Is that bad? lol Either way,  Im certainly up for the challenge! 

Originally I had paired this with vintage pants but for this occasion, didn't really But it could be paired with a nice pair of dress shorts or pants for a day time look 

Love this shoe!


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