Monday, May 7, 2012

Cinco De Mayo... Celebration De Kristal!

In true American fashion we spent last Saturday indulging in Margaritas, Tacos, and the company of a few hundred strangers at a Mexican restaurant! Yes it was indeed a great Cinco De Mayo! But it was also a Birthday celebration for my good friend Kristal and we had a Fabulous time! Not to mention we looked great while doing it and even Lauren made an appearance! For those of you who know her understand why this was an honor! lol... Anyway here are the pics! There were many more but only these made the cut and this blogs biggest fan Anna K. made it  out but missed the pics! Shout out to her!

 I pulled out this awesome vest for the occasion! Found it while thrifting 
Love the detail!
Where we celebrated... 

 The Birthday Girl!
 Miss Tasha! Love this look!
The beauties Casey and Brittany!


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