Tuesday, June 19, 2012

$8.00 of Happiness

This is a super quick post but I HAD to share why I love Target! lol So Sunday I randomly stumbled across these super cute shorts and this basic tee while on a run for a completely different item which I actually ended up not even purchasing lol  The shorts were only $5.39 and the tee a whopping $2.39 for a total of $7.78!! Cant beat that! Granted, this look is pretty plain I was staying away from home the day I threw this on lol   but it was certainly a great fix for the price! Anyone else find any great weekend deals?


  1. i think this was an excellent blog topic cris. im sure that all of ur followers can agree that finding a steal ... i mean deal like this at target is similiar to the feeling u get when u find a washed $20 in ur pants pocket. the color scheme (im guessing a butter cream and brown) is o so vintage. the theme of this outfit ill call #modernhoboswag...in a good way!

    1. Thanks Tee! Its actually a pastel neon yellow and burgundy but you saw my vision! lol


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