Friday, June 1, 2012

Dressed For Success!

Just in time for "Work It Wednesday" except a few days late lol over at A Little Bit of Lacquer ! Work has actually been a little exciting the last couple of days since I was given the opportunity to host Dress For Success! An event for children in state foster care who are rewarded for beating the odds with $200 shopping spree in our stores around the Metro Atlanta area. They came in for professional clothing for a celebration in their honor as well as for their future endeavors (More info on the program here). I was given the honor of giving a presentation on Business Casual and Business Professional dress which I was ecstatic about!  I gave them pointers on do's and dont's but I think I really brought it to life with my very well dressed mannequins one male one female representing each style! 

I managed to snap a few pics on my phone since rushing out the door, I forgot my camera so excuse the quality...

Of course I had to dress the part! Everything's vintage except the blazer and shoes!
my favorite!


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