Monday, June 4, 2012

Shock, Awe, and Vintage!

This piece of Graffiti  describes the emotion that I felt today! For once I spent my Sunday indulging in absolutely nothing but I did it outside of the house! I made it to Summer ICE by Indie Craft Experience at Ambient Studios in downtown Atlanta. I went with this blogs biggest fan my friend Anna but I learned about it thru The Atlanta Bloggers Vintage Meetup Group. If you love vintage apparel like I do this would be an awesome group for you! Thanks to Shevonda for organizing it and Amy for some of the pics! I won't get wordy with this post so the rest will be pictures from the event and a few snaps of what I wore... Enjoy!

 Food/Coffee Truck Outside the Event!

This cool contraption scanned your body with an X Box Kinect in order to make a miniature replica of yourself

 Some of the very cool vendors! 
Custom Sunnies!

The Ladies and I!! Shout out to  The T-shirt Guys for the mimosas! 

This was awesome! Got some really cute pics!

My 2 faves!!

 And lastly the outfit...
 New Shoes!! 
Love My wedges!

My new fave summer satchel! Went with orange...One of my least favorite colors but I LOVE it!


  1. That seemed like an awesome event! It's great you got to go. I LOVE vintage everything too, it has soo many treasures. Happy you had fun :)

    1. I know! I too love Vintage!!! And we had a blast! Thanks for stopping by!


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