Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Coral!

Few things in this world bring me more joy than this color! Some people might call this an overload but not for me! Sometimes when your day is kinda gloomy, you gotta add your own color! So thats exactly what I did!  I found these Fabulous pants in the thrift store and fell in love with the color as well as the texture. It even brought a little light to my coworkers! Anyway, here's the rest of the pics... Even ventured outside for a change of ambiance!

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Beautiful texture!!
And a pair of my favorite sandals


  1. love ur pants

  2. I found you through the thrifter of the week post! I live in Atlanta also. I love these sandals! Did you get them this year? In Atlanta?

    1. Hi! Thanks soo much for stopping by! Good to hear from someone local! And No I got these sandals about two years ago while I was still living in Athens... But there one of my faves!


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