Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bulldawg in Pearls!

And I make my return! Probably my 3rd or 4th since I started this thing but hopefully it will be my last hiatus! Armed with a new camera and an amazing live in photographer Ive acquired a roomie! Im back and I feel better than ever after only about a month lol I hope I was missed in my absence! I surely Missed all of you! A lot has happened but Ive buckled down and got back on path so its back to business as usual...

Today I finally got back to my roots and donned three of my favorite things 1. Stripes 2. Red & Black and 3.Pearls! while not a Bulldawg by birth Im certainly one by choice which some of you have probably read and every time I wear these colors it gives me a bit of nostalgia when life was all about Books, Booze, Boys, And Bonds built between great friends! 
Anywho Ill wrap up my stroll down memory lane and get to the pics! lol

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Obviously the natural hair didn't make the cut in this GA heat but it will return! Thanks for all your tips and compliments on it tho! Greatly appreciated!

The Infamous Ostrich Skin Bag! One of my absolute favorite things along with this skirt both amazing thrift finds!


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