Tuesday, July 31, 2012

From What? To Wear! Begins

Ok so Ive finally found the perfect piece to start this journey... For a while Ive been wanting to feature a section where I take a unique vintage piece deemed unwearable by some well actually by most lol and convert it to something a little bit more fashionable... 

I got the idea a few years back, before I even started this blog, when my vintage craze was a mere means of saving money and keeping it original being a strapped for cash college student will make you creative I would bring home crazy things and my friends would immediately turn there noses and say "What is That?" "I Don't see the vision" and a slew of other doubtful remarks... But with the help of my magic scissors it's what I called my sewing shears sewing machine and any other tools "Viola'" instant fashion "Wear" and "From What ? To Wear! was born!  I know this was kinda lengthy but I had to get it out lol 

Anyway, here's the first piece! Well at least the one being featured from the beginning... I have pieces featured that I altered long before I found this and I knew it was perfect! Loved the colors! And I knew this skirt would be best complemented with the hi-low trend...

Before ...


Once I found these, I knew it was meant to be!

Soo... Next up, here are a few things in the works...  So remember what they used to be cause when you see them again, they'll be renewed!  Stay tuned!


  1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing! Please come check out my new "Perpetual Parades" linkies!

  2. I did the same thing to my vintage blue dress because I felt the need to kind of refashioned it and give a little bit of style. Looking lovely! :)


  3. How awesome! I'm gonna give it a try with some of my older clothes, too. :) I love how the skirt turned out!


  4. What a great alteration. Girl, you are beastly with those shears! LOL



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