Friday, July 27, 2012

Sometimes You Gotta Stop and Smell The Flowers

Since Ive finally started to grab a hold of the out of control freight train that is life, Ive actually had time to get up to speed on my home decorating yes after 6 whole months! This was an idea in the making for sooo long and thanks to the new roomie/live in photographer, its finally come to pass! I bought this leg at a Bloomingdales that was shutting down here in Atlanta and now it is a vase! Very quirky I know  but I love it none the less! All needs now is a  Fierce Pump!  And so Ive finally gotten my chance to stop and smell the flowers well only metaphorically since they are plastic but you all get my point! 

The outfit tho mixes my favorite Summer color orange with the always classic well at least in my world leopard! I added the belt in for fun and yes my shoes match my shirt! which I typically never do with prints but it worked so I rolled with it!

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  1. Hey honey..thanks for linking up, but I don't see the link back. I've deleted your link for now, but would love you to edit your post and re ad! Kori xoxo

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  3. You can sometimes gotta stop and smell flowers. Good post
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