Wednesday, August 22, 2012

From What? to Wear! : A tale of a Twofer

Even though its been a while since Ive last posted Im kinda short on words so ill get to the 
 I found this pants suit a while ago thrifting but together it was a print overload, terrible fit, and simply on the Granny spectrum of special occasion wear... No Bueno! But upon separation the pantsuit turns into two very cool looks! Both great for any occassion! 
The left: casual chic      The right: flirty fabulous
The hair on the left is also a new HUGE addition to my wardrobe! lol 

Alas here are the photos! Id love to know what you guys think! Especially about the hair!

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Minor alterations to the pants legs
and turning the the top around added a little something extra!

These strappy Jessica's go well compliment both looks for summer!

The bag adds a little more class to the dress...
For the Pants look, Id go with a woven cross body...       

Thrifted Belt Worn on Both Outfits!
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  1. I love both of these looks, Cristi. You really got a two for one special on this pant suit, girl! I love how creative you got with remixing it into these two looks. And I'm loving the hair ;-)

    1. Thanks so much!! Im still getting use to the hair! lol

  2. I LOVE the dress super good and good job!

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  3. Wow!!! I love it. Great remix, and amazing styling on both looks. You really made the pant suit look amazing

  4. I like both looks, and agree that the two pieces together may have been a bit much. Loving the big hair, it added to the boho vibe of the first looks.

  5. Oh my--I want some printed pants and maybe this is the route I'm going to have to go! You look fab.. I love both looks!


  6. It looks so awesome! I love the color so much. This kind of reminds me of a skirt that a good friend of mine gave me and it's vintage. Love this color and you look lovely! :)

  7. I especially like the pants-that print is bananas!


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