Monday, August 6, 2012

Neon Lights!

Happy Monday Everyone! Weekend was fantastic! Me and the roomie spent our Friday tickling our artistic fancies making art for our hallway! After finishing up after a few cocktails lol we created a look to match! Here are a few snaps from our "shoot" ! The rest are from our lazy Sunday at the pool after a "Big Girl" sleepover with our weekend guests...

Make shift head band of fabric and tape from the painting! 

Tools of the trade! 

Tee = roomie!

The finished product! Representation of our personality! 

The roomie and her lovely friends!

Chillin! Makings of a great day!



  1. Ahhhh! This is too genius. Who wouldve ever thought to make your own wall art-how creative. And I love the look that goes along with it-especially the headband. FIERCE!!

  2. What a fun skirt! Love you lip color too. Thanks for being a part of Monday Mingle!

  3. i love love colors - so I love love the skirt and of course the painting - that yellow bathingsuit is the ish!! love it.

  4. What a fabulous fun outfit! Love that skirt!

  5. The art you made is cool. Admiring the skirt and your hair wrap.

  6. Love that skirt, especially with the cropped top!

  7. I love your skirt!! Great colors!!


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