Friday, August 31, 2012

Success in Hot Pants!

With Fall fast approaching and Summer reaching its end, I have to seize all opportunities to pull out the Summer essentials: Short Shorts, A Comfy Tank, and Summer Sandals! And this look represents a few of my personal faves! None are Vintage shockingly but this tank is one I've had for years! 

No one ever understands the saying since passe' means old fashioned/outdated which could come off as negative but to me it shouldn't be taken so literal! 
Success and ways to achieve it come in any and many forms so never only look to the traditional ways to achieve it! In short: Hear your heart and follow your dreams! 

One of the things I love about fashion is how it can speak volumes so subtly! 

Tell me: What are some of the most important statements  your looks make?

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My New Leopard Cut outs By Jessica! Im low key in love with cutouts....

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  1. Love the look! The success top is so cute and I'm so in love with the Jessica cutout wedges. I need both of those in my life lol


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