Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cant Stop The Rain

Well its was a gloomy Monday but despite the weather my mood was much brighter! Im not sure if I mentioned this to you guys but the month of September was officially my Grind Month in which Im completely and maybe overly  focused on the things I want and will accomplish! So far It has been GREAT! I have so many things in the works and cant wait to share them with all of you! 
But on to the Look! Today's outfit is COMPLETELY Vintage! Usually I wouldn't do this well by now we actually know that I would lol but when I seen it on it was uber cute!  Even got a change of scenery ( which Im sure you guys will enjoy lol) 
Hope you all are having an equally wonderful start to the week!

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 Got this dress while thrifting  with my Graney! Cost me about $1.00!

Got This Necklace at an awesome estate sale last week! (I'll post a few pics from that later)
The bracelet and belt both thrifted

Shoes on sale now at Shop Noux Rejekts

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  1. Hello! You look absolutely stunning. Despite the dress and shoes being vintage you look unique, contemporary and utterly gorgeous! Thanks for the kind words over on mine, coming from a chick as stylish as you that's a real compliment! I'm following. x

    1. Yay! Thanks so much! And it is as much of a compliment coming from you! Thanks for following!

  2. I agree with Vix - stunning! You make the rain a good thing here too with that popping red umbrella in the mix.

    1. Thanks! I appreciate you stopping by and thanks for following!

  3. This is a fabulous look - love the full skirt with the pointy flats. You're a talented thrift shopper, I see! Thanks for sharing your awesome-ness with Visible Monday.

  4. Love this black, white and red look!! Thanks a bunch for stopping by and commenting, dear!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

  5. Superstylish look :)


  6. Very classic stylish outfit!


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