Monday, November 19, 2012

Birthday Bucket List: Bass Hi Hat & the Snare

Happy Monday Loves! More footage from the BBL... Its becoming a lot longer than expected but I plan to wrap it up by the end of the week! lol This is footage from a night out with the girls... Both items vintage and the pants were thrifted the week before for a mere $.50 cents! Gosh I love it so!  
This night was pretty normal besides me making my debut as drummer in a club full of people with a band I dont know! But hey YOLO!! lol Check out the lost/instagram footage!

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$.99 cent find!

The Bestie and I

My Gals!!

Infamous bathroom pic...

Me on Drums!!!

Shar Reese on strings lol

Drunken and artistic... 

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  1. Oh yea! Nothing like a little drumming to feel totally ALIVE! Excellent idea. You guys look fantastic.

  2. love your fit to the show..thanks for the follow.. tryin to expand my network so everyone check out my blog


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