Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Vintage in Autumn ...

So this is a little in reverse... The weekend before Turkey Day, I attended an awesome event that I didnt gt to post about ...  "Vintage in Autumn", a fashion showcase of local vintage collectors like myself, featured pieces from all different eras and represented all different styles. It was AMAZING! Great people, great drinks, and vintage fashion! What could be better! It was all organized by an awesome lady Yeesha of Vintage Weirdo (posted about earlier here) and included her collection as well as those of  Canada Chic Vintage and Consignments Cousin Vintage ! Below I got a few snaps of some of my fave looks!

I channeled my inner "NYC Urban Outfitters African Safari Vintage Chic" as the adorable and Ultra Fab host Barry Brandon so eloquently described it! lol  (I also got a few pics of his vintage chicness down below)
My look is a blend of thrift (mostly) Forever 21 and Bakers Boots...

So what do you guys think of my "NYC Urban Outfitters African Safari Vintage Chic"?! lol

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Me and the Bestie giving 90's flavor...

My Roomie who was a vendor at the after show

Just a few snaps of my fave looks!!


Ms. Yeesha of Vintage Weirdo

More accessories purchased from Hey Chick who was also a vendor at the after reception.

The Amazing Emcee Barry Brandon! 



  1. Gorgeous colors and great styling on this look! Looks like a really fun event.


  2. Holy Hair! a) I LOVE your outfit. The shorts with the boots with socks with the jacket - LOVE! b) I LOVE your hair. So gorgeous!! Found you via the Real Girl Glam link up.
    Nikki at www.bedazzlesafterdark.com

  3. I love this outfit!! It looks soo chic and chilled , the different colours go really well together! Your style reminds me of all things vintage , definite follow!



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