Monday, February 11, 2013

All Gold Everything...

Infamous words by the infamous Trinidad James... That oh so catchy tune of his polluted my mind the entire work day that I donned this ensemble....
Put me in sort of a happy place as well which is the best way to ease into a work day! (Im always in a good mood when I hear that song but if you're unfamiliar with the A town rapper you can check him out here He too dabbles in vintage fashion) Ive always been a huge fan of anything gaudy and gold and this piece is no exception! When I spotted while out at an estate sale, I knew it was a must have (although I have at least 4 more gold belts of all kind most of which will be available in the etsy shop..) and now its also available for the taking by any of you here

You ladies have a favorite Gold Piece?

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  1. Oh, love this belt and very fab look! Thanks for linking up, Cristi : >

  2. Really a great, tasteful look. That belt really takes this simple pairing up a notch. Love your choices, as usual.


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