Thursday, March 14, 2013

Just Kickin It

My mind is moving on 10000000... Many things have been changing and Im extremely emotional (which is totally maximized by the onset of menstrual hormones lol) But luckily I have the greatest man(besides GOD who is everywhere by the way) on this earth is in my corner... My Daddy! 

So today to I pay homage (and in effort to pull myself together in a very lazy way lol) I rocked his favorite sports team (yes the 49ers and no were not from San Fran nor have we ever been ) to feel a little closer to him! Along with prayer and my own good sense he's been keeping me sane mostly because I know no matter what changes I go through, he ALWAYS has my back so this one's for you Pop! 

This look also represents my recognition that a little change is always good... Many of you know I only wear sneakers to the gym but I switched it up and threw these kicks in the mix... Paired well with the cap and the thrifted camo tee and since it was my off day and I did nothing but thrift, I took some pics! Enjoy my friends!

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