Monday, April 22, 2013

Seasonal Staples: Camo Pants

Now I don't know about you all, but for me their are pieces in my wardrobe that are constantly on repeat (that usually don't get photographed but Im working on it!) which Ive decided to document in this new segment entitled "Seasonal Staples"! 

By definition, according to the Noux Rejekt's Fashion Dictionary Vol. 1, a "Seasonal Staple" is that one or numerous piece(s) in your wardrobe that are constantly on shuffle in your wardrobe for a particular season(s). And by "shuffle" I mean like that one song on your i pod that keeps playing on repeat even when you aren't even trying to hear it,  keeps showing up and is constantly remixed and reworn into your ootd needs. The reason this is so, is completely dependent on the person...

For me, one of my faves are these camo pants and its mostly for comfort and versatility.  While camo has been a huge trend in recent seasons, growing  up in a military town, its always been a must have (and easy to get)! There easy to wear, care, and pair with prints, colors, flats, heels, and anything else your heart desires and thats why these oversized cargos take first on my list! 

Being here in Georgia weather is can be very frightful and delightful in a matter of seconds this time of year, we have those  moments where we have to resist the urge to bust out the shorts (cool it ladies a little sunshine doesn't call for the daisy dukes) and find a happy medium and this is mine! Their cool casual and always fashionable! 

And they'll definately be making another appearance on this segment! So stay tuned to see how else I style them and for more of my "Seasonal Staples"...  In the mean time heres  your first peek...

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Top: Vintage Details Unisex Button Down (available soon at Shop Noux Rejekts ) | Camo Pant: Also Thrifted | Shoes: Jessica Simpson | Bag: Vintage Dolce Vita (Also available soon at Shop Noux Rejekts )


  1. I like your term "seasonal staples" and I really like these camos. Thanks for sharing your great look with Visible Monday!

  2. Loving the camo! I didn't grow up in a military town but a small town where most everyone hunts and most everyone wears camo...I have the camo, but I don't hunt...
    Fabulous look!

  3. Love it love it love it. I consider camo almost a neutral print like leopard is these days. Perfect with the button up shirt with the emblem and the structured style bag.
    Becky :)

  4. I'm uber excited that you were able to find these pants in a thrift store. I'm always in somebody's thrift store looking for a win! lol

    Glasses and Glitter"


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