Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Seasonal Staples: The High Waist Short

And I make my return...
 Ok so between work, holidays, side hustles, and the new boo this little blog of mine got a little lost... Well Ive found my way back with a vengeance and new hair! (did you notice?)
Unfortunately Im still up to my old antics and Im starting the week on Tuesday...Now in my defense, I worked Tues-Sat. so technically this is my Monday (so cut me a little slack) For those of you out there still reading, thanks ever so much and to you I promise to do better (again) and to those who Ive lost, I hope you return! In the mean time lets get to the look!

So for our second installment of Seasonal Staples, we visit one of my all time fave: The High Waist Short! Now personally, every since Ive explored in depth the styles and shapes that flatter by body the most (around 2nd semester of Freshman year) Hi waist anything has been apart of my wardrobe. 
As a member of the small waist big hip committee I discovered that this style gives me the ability to look ridiculously thin without setting foot in a  gym!  So to know that this item would be trending this season I as all in! Since the weather has warmed up, these have been in heavy rotation especially since they can be dressed up or down and they're perfect for cuffing so they can go from short to bermuda in seconds flat! 
This particular pair I thrifted from the Salvation Army for a mere $1.50 but Im sure some variation can be found almost anywhere you look. But if you dont want to look far, head over to Shop Noux Rejekts! and shop the trend!(yes Ive recently relaunced the site with plenty of awesome goodies!)

Well until next time stay thrifty my friends! And have you guys embraced the hi waist?

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Top: Thrifted Dress turned crop | Shorts: Thrifted | Belt: Estate Sale find | Shoes Jessica Simpson


  1. Those shorts are too cute and I like the color! I want to wear high waist shorts so bad, but the ones I've tried on didn't look good on me. I may have to try them one last time to see.


  2. I love high waisted shorts and how you paired with the wedges - brava!!!!


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