Monday, June 24, 2013

From What?! To Wear! : Coral Summer Playsuit

Happy Monday Fashion Divas! Hope you're starting the week off right! I know I am with a segment of "From What?! To Wear!"
Well Ive finally gotten my life half way together and Im back on my A-Game! My new motto: Work.Hustle.Grind.Repeat
It crazy how it came to me so off the cuff too! Some one randomly asked the basic "I have nothing else to say so Ill ask this" question well "What have you been up to?" and being that I had been avoiding them and didn't really think it was their business, this was the 1st thing to come out of my mouth! lol 

But it was also kinda true so it stuck... Anyway I wont ramble anymore. On to the look!

I thrifted this 2 piece contraption(This jumpsuit came with a very "unique" vest that I have yet to find use for. And the pants were just too short and had some hard substance embedded in the fabric of the bottom hem deeming them unsalealbe on Shop Noux Rejekts. And being that coral is my ultimate color... the rest his history!

So How'd I do!?! 

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Linking Up 

So heres a look at what it started out as (and may go back to as far as sleeveing)

And The After! Perfect For Summer!

Thrifted Vintage Statement Clip ons

Belt is also A Vintage Thrifted find


  1. Beautiful summer look and color combination - thanks for sharing it with Visible Monday!

  2. Wow that neckline is super low...pretty color combination though

    1. Thanks! And yep turned out exactly as I planned! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Beautiful color on you and love the transformation of the garment, great job!

  4. You did a fabulous job, I can't wear my neckline as low as you but I think its really cute especially when you look at where you started. You have given me some great ideas.


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