Monday, June 17, 2013

From What? To Wear!: Leather Trimmed Tuxedo Short

*Whoo Whoo* (Sound of the alarm) New/Re-newal segment alert I repeat New segment alert!

Happy Monday Loves! Let me start by saying 1. I have finally emerged on a Monday! (punctual at last for the start of the week) 2. Please excuse the lighting in these photos it was slightly a rush job and 3. Ignore the extra cleave that is very present in the 3rd photo lol We were all felling "Spirited" and that little boob boo( get it ?!? lol) slipped past the photographer lol  

But in an effort to show you this look we fought on thru lol

So as an avid thrifter and vintage hound I find myself always trying to find a way around buying retail... So sometimes when I want something specific and dont have the patience to thrift it, I make it! Or re-make it! So with leather trim, tuxedo, and black and white being such hot trends, I needed my piece of the action. 

So this is what they started as... 

And here's the finished product! So What do you guys think!? If you like them let me know! and And be sure to check out some other hot statement pieces at !

  I have a few more pictures down below of us fooling around before we headed out.

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  1. I love how you transformed these tuxedo pants! Very cute look on you, Cristi!

    1. Thanks! I appreciate it! Not sure if I responded to you yet!

  2. So cute! Great re-fashioning. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  3. Your soooo fly girl! I love your style!


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