Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Just Let Your "Soul Glow"

I know ya'll Seen "Coming to America"... lol Any-who, coming to you with a quick post just sharing a little inspiration...
 As of late, a lot of things have been going right... And not just like normal "I got a front row parking space at Target on Saturday Morning" good but "Jump for Joy Shout to the Heavens" exceptionally well! And I humbly and whole heartedly give the credit to my Lord and Savior. 

By his Grace Ive made it through some serious challenges and with a few still a head on the horizon, Im whole heartedly relying on faith and its an amazing feeling.

Ive learned to not only HEAR but DO as well. Don't ignore that little voice inside or ignore the Holy Spirit when it calls you to greatness. So Im practicing doing that everyday since Ive become aware.

Now Im not trying to get all deep on ya'll... lol Just thought Id share a little of my blessing!
Keep the Faith! Believe and Achieve

But on to the look! I decided to play with colors and this one while extremely bright was reflective of how Im feeling! Light Shining through the darkness! and nobody can stop my "Soul" glow! *3x snaps in a circle* (there I go again getting deep! lol) 
Its a mix of thrift and thrifty
The top, shoes, bag and belt are all thrifted
The bottoms are clearance from Belk(If you didn't know already I work here hence my constant 

But this was certainly a "Feel Good" look... Any of you have a look that just reflects your inner glow?
Share it with me! 

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Shirt/Belt: Thrifted | Shoes: Vintage Nine West (Thrifted) | Bag: Thrifted (Available Soon at Shop Noux Rejekts) | Sunnies: Urban Outfitters


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