Friday, July 12, 2013

How I Rocked It: Vintage Floral Peplum Dress

*whoo whoo* (thats my siren sound by the way) New segment alert I repeat New segment alert! 

 Ok so this one is for all of you budding or new vintage lovers itching to experiment with it but just not sure where to start... As an avid connoisseur and reseller of vintage and retro finds the most common feedback I receive is uncertainty from those who've never dabbled in the vintage game (and for my pros   this idea may seem so foreign but there are some of our fashion sisters completely lost out there! ) is how to incorporate it into their wardrobes without it looking dated.

Well today's the day Im here to show you! (which is kinda not much different than what I usually do on here lol but this time the pieces are actually available for purchase on Shop Noux Rejekts ! and yes that was a shameless plug lol) 

Last week I was asked to escort my good friend to the theater for dinner and ... A murder! At Agatha's, a mystery dinner theatre here in Atlanta. And I choose to go with this floral peplum look! 
For me the right shoe is always key in modernizing a look and I choose to tone down the vibrant hues and match the more subtle black in this dress with my favorite stripy sandal! Paired it with my vintage basket weave purse to hype the summer feel sooo heres how I rocked it! 

How would you?

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Dress:Vintage shop noun rejekts | Shoes: Jessica Simpson | Bag: Vintage 

My lovely date and photographer for the evening!

My lovely date and photographer for the evening! Stepped from behind he camera for a little shine!


  1. This dress is fantasttic and looks fab on you. The prints is stunning.



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