Friday, August 30, 2013

Look For People Who Need Your Love!

Romans 12:9-10
"Dont just pretend to love others. Really love them.Hate what is wrong and hold tightly to whats good. Love each other with genuine affection and take delight in honoring each other."

My M.I.A story after the Jump! lol 
Hi My blog loves! If you dont follow me anywhere else then you may have thought that I had went on to glory after I fell off the face of the earth but to much dismay to all my haters, doubters, or nay sayers I am indeed in fact more Alive than ever, fabulous, and as happy as can be! Did you miss me? Not really? Ok. Well I missed ya'll! 

I have had many a revelation since we last spoke and a lot of things are moving and shaking so stay tuned!

But on to the look, This look is vintage from my one of my faves (and future shared space for my Noux Rejekts Collection) Vintage Weirdo 
The Earrings were thrifted and the Shoes Calvn Klien

But the event was the real star of the evening! 

The lovely ladies of Savvy Thriftique hosted their 2nd Annual White Out Charity Event partnering with Wellspring Living to help end sex trafficking here in Atlanta! It was an amazing event for an awesome cause plus did I mention their was shopping too? Riight!

 So heres a little inspiration to get involved in seeking out those in the world who really may need your love especially when we spend so much time giving it to those who usually don't deserve it. Plus sharing your love for something so positive wont have you finding yourself at home on a Saturday night in the dark crying your eyes out to Etta James "All I could Do was Cry"... Just me again?! Ok 

Anyway theres plenty of photos me here (my photographer was on it last night) 
But for photos of the event check out my instagram @CristiNoHYIE for links to everyone else!

Dress:Vintage from Vintage Weirdo | Shoes: Calvin Klein | Earrings: Thrifted 
Photo Credit and hair : The Roomie @tasha_mac2


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