Monday, October 28, 2013

Blue Streak

"Too much of a good thing is never enough"-Me

Have any of you out there found yourself inadvertently  drawn to something? A color, a style of shirt, Kit Kats? Well I know I have and It seems to be cobalt blue is one of those! I find myself incorporating it a lot in my wardrobe this fall (especially mixed with a neon... im kinda flashy lol) It exudes my inner power and I love the way it looks and feels!

The other thing is midi hemlines! One of the reasons I love vintage is the overall idea of less is more 
(executed classically by the Chanel's Dior's and YSL's of the world) Characterized by sleek silhouettes and clean hemlines, that hit those curves in all the right places... 

 It exudes a type of sex appeal that all the body con nylon spandex pieces of this era doesn't... 
The kind created by imagination and executed flawlessly with confidence!

So get your sexy on ladies by exploring the beauty within and letting that confidence shine!

What colors do you use to show your inner power?

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Top: Ralph Lauren | Skirt,Bag,and Necklace: Noux Rejekts Vintage | Shoes: Jessica Simpson 


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