Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pedicures and Whiskey

"What better way to Kick off your 25th Birthday... Now for the rest of my 20s if I could lay my eggs, keep them warm, and watch them hatch into a baby"- Me

Well her I am in all my "Half of Fifty" fabulousness! Kicking in the door to my quarter century status like its nobody's business! lol 

While once upon a time I was dreading 25 as the bane of my existence and the beginning of the end! But reaching this milestone has been amazing! Im so blessed and content where I am in life and I can't wait to see whats ahead! Now as for 30.... That's a whole nother story but thats a ways a way so...

As for the festivities, they started yesterday with the exciting news that my father (after realizing I was indeed approaching 25 and not 26 lol) had added my back to his insurance! Now while this may seem like a wtf who cares moment to most, if you've been keeping up you know of my journey on the self employment transition train and clearly this blessing is right on time! With the news alone all my aches and pains disappeared... The power of prayer and peace are

The day ended with a surprise outing with the most awesome bestie in the world! And being that she hasn't been able to keep one surprise from me in the entire decade I've known her this was indeed a precious We started out with bestie mani pedis (my nail color is poppin FYI check my instagram a lil later for pics) and ended with dinner at a place we've never tried. Adding to the long list  firsts that we've shared!

Whew! Ok now as for the look, again completely thrifted! Starting to become a pattern heh... Well this one is wordy enough and pic heavy... If you made it this far, you rock! lol

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Body Suit, Faux Fur Vest, Jeans, Necklace, and Clutch: Thrifted | Watch: Fossil | Shoes: Chinese Laundry

Shoutout to the Wind for the "Diva Fan" Hair lol

Where we dined... If your ever in Augusta check em out!

Lemon Drop Martinis! Nuff Said!

The Awesome Card Montage from my bestie! 

The Eats! Yummm!!


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