Monday, November 11, 2013

Worst Behavior... Homecoming Edition

"After they saw this they realized "Nothing Was the Same".... it was BETTER" -Me 

Top, bustier, and shorts : Thrifted | Boots: NineWest | Stockings: Uniqlo

 Now if you're new to the blog or have just slightly over looked  that Im a Georgia Bulldog well now you know! I BLEED Red and Black! #GooooDAWGS ok ok thats all lol

And with the approach of homecoming (and my rapidly approaching birthday on November 13th) wink wink) I deemed it appropriate to be a little bad! (at least bad for a reason and not like the other times when you do it jut because lol) 

Such a joyous occasion, HC allows you to catch up with all your old crew, get sh*t faced like your 21, and the best part? Looking even more AWESOME doing than you did in college! (oh the grimacing stares one receives when they see you more snatched than ever)

Anyway, Im done tooting my own horn on to the look!
Only 2 photographs were taken per look simply because 1. We were in a rush and 2. Our photography skills were spot on that night! lol 

My look is completely thrifted except shoes and stockings! (Not Bad huh) Ive been experimenting with the plaid trend and was looking for a way that was a little less traditional... 

So did I pull it off?
What are some ways you ladies and gents are rocking plaid?

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My roomie/photographer in her Georgia Red!


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