Monday, December 2, 2013

To Be Thankful… To Be Free

" You know its a going to be a good night when mama says "Lets take a shot" - Me 

So with the Thanksgiving Holiday coming to a close, I certainly know what Im most thankful for and that's Freedom.

Freedom to be me. To roam as I please, Freedom to serve my Lord and Freedom to spend this holiday (and hopefully all the rest) at home with my family and really enjoy it! No rushing back to someone else's God forsaken store to work horrible hours and not be appreciated after is all said and done. 

So on to the look! As I served as Co-Host at My Granny's shindig I tried to dress the part and I thought this Completely Vintage look was all kind of Autumn Festive! This year, while I haven't forsaken a good mini, Im ALL about the longer hemlines. Skirts that fit tight in the waist and accentuate all the curves all the way through! And this one does just that. Not to mention the colors are Fab! 

So what did you dolls wear for the holiday and what were most thankful for?!

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 PS. I love the eerie lighting on this pic below hehe 
Coat: Thrifted (Zara) | Top: Thirfted | Skirt: Posh Lady Vintage | Boots: Jessica Simpson 

My Favorite girls after shot number…. well Im actually not sure lol


  1. Really nice skirt! Glad to see you had an enjoyable holiday. :-)



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