Monday, January 6, 2014


"I forgot alll about this"-Me

Happy New Year Loves! I hope you all are doing your best in this new year to do better than last and in an effort to do just that heres a new post! lol

So confession time! I honestly don't have very much comentary for this post considering I took the photos so long ago I can't remember what my thoughts were in relation. lol But I had to share it with you guys… 

But in the spirit of fixing our imperfections recognizing what they are is the first step!  I  personally know that there are many areas of growth and development I want for myself and my business and holding myself accountable. While I won't bore you all with all the tedious details but one step starts right here on this blog! So this year I promise to provide more posts! Not only outfits but even deeper! And this isn't like the previous years I'm for real the time y'all! Support me in my efforts and make me stick with it lol Call me out if necessary lol We're family! 

Anyway, Heres the look! Completely thrifted and vintage! 

Crop Sweater and Skirt: Thrifted | Jacket available now: Shop Noux Rejekts | Boots: Coach (mom's closet lol)


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